The Endeavour, (Scout Headquarters)

The Headquarters Building of the 1st Godstone Scout Group was constructed by the Rover Scouts between 1936 and 1938 using materials from much older buildings and the result was that the building even though new at the time looked like one of Godstone’s oldest structures.  The building was built in the Tudor style, it’s framework came from 15th Century Barn in Sussex and the bricks, ships timbers, tiles and other materials were collected from other old Barns and Cottages from the Tudor period which had then been recently demolished.

Some of the timbering has been traced back to the old haunted house where Dick Turpin’s mother used to live in Essex.  In the Group’s extensive archives we have kept all the work sheets which were maintained by the Rover Scouts as the time of construction, they show that the Rover Scouts recorded over 3500 man hours of work.

A local architect produced plans and he who was billed for the part of foreman builder although not a builder by trade, then proceeded to study nearly a thousand examples of Tudor craftsmanship before the work commenced.

When one considers that this remarkable building was the work of amateurs it was an incredible achievement and the result was as, if not better than if it had been constructed by the professional craftsmen.

endeavourThe cost of the building was about £450.00 which was raised by the Group and the Rover Scouts contributed £25.00 and the Patrol Leaders and the boys raised another £50.00.  The remainder came from a public approach to the Village which responded in a heart felt manner.

As you can imagine the work aroused the keenest interest in the District and nearly every resident felt that the Scouts had given them a building of which the whole Village could be proud.

To stimulate enthusiasm the Group prepared a fascinating log as the work progressed, photographs were taken each week showing the Scouts at work and the general growth of the building.  These photographs are still held in the archives and it is still interesting to see how much work and skill was involved in the construction of the building.

After ‘the Endeavour’ was completed the Second World War intervened but in 1947 a new Headquarter’s building for the Cub Pack was erected further along the Green in the shape of a Tudor Dovecote and both buildings stand today as an example of 1st Godstone Scouts fine heritage.  The Endeavour can accommodate up to 40 standing people and 20 sitting.

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