Horological Institute

clockSouth London Branch British Horological Institute

The purpose of the Branch is to support the British Horological Institute and encourage new members to join; Enable members to meet to discuss knowledge and advance Horological business, with like-minded individuals. Disseminate information and knowledge on matters pertaining to all things connected with the advancement, of the art & science of horology and associated crafts.

We meet on the first Thursday of the month at the White Hart Barn at 7.30pm for a chat and refreshments with meetings starting promptly at 8.00pm. Follow the link to see our website http://slbbhi.co.uk

The programme for 2017  is as follows:

Date Speaker Subject
5th January Grenville Johns Restoring a Railway Clock
2nd February Roger Stevenson FBHI The Derek Pratt Frodsham H4 Watch
2nd March Graham Dolan The History of the Royal Greenwich Observatory
11th March Special Auction To include effects from the estate of the late Roland Jarvis
6th April Owen Gilchrist IWC Calibre (Fishtail) 71
4th May West Dean Students Presentations
tbc May Visit The Clockmakers Museum
1st June Leigh Extence The newly found History of Drocourt and Jacot Carriage Clocks
6th July George & Cornelia Fossard Update on Current Projects
tbc July Visit Day Out at Hampton Court
3rd August Bill Wolmuth 20th Century Domestic Clocks of England & Wales
7th September The Beresford Hutchinson Lecture, Ian Westworth The Dennison Project
tbc September Visit The Time Workshop
5th October AGM followed by Alan White Making Fly Cutters
2nd November Branch Auction
7th December The George Daniels Lecture, Croydon Astronomical Society Celestial Navigation and Time