Godstone Preservation Society


The Godstone Preservation Society aims to help our Community in preserving village life and protecting the environment.  Membership is just £2 annually and the Society welcomes new members, particularly those who may wish to become more involved with the life of our village through helping out with some of the Society’s activities.

The Society was formed in 1957 to combat a development which was considered a threat to the village at that time.  Since then we have participated in a number of battles to preserve village life and amenities and constantly pursued our aims of fostering and safeguarding the aspects of village life which we value.

Our main aim is to help preserve the amenities and beauty of Godstone and its surroundings.  We are vigilant with regard to Planning Applications and development proposals, particularly any that may encroach on the Green Belt or the designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Great Landscape Value which surround Godstone, or which may adversely affect the environment and/or amenities of Godstone residents.

We do recognise that some change is inevitable, (and often desirable), but follow the policy that any change should result in some benefit for the people of Godstone.  Over the years we have been successful in many causes and projects.  Here are a few:preserv1

  • The Society managed the creation and funding of the Godstone Map which stands by the Car Park in the green for the information of visitors.
  • We were a leading participant a few years  ago in the successful campaign against the Water Company’s proposal to build its Headquarters at the Godstone water treatment works.
  • For a number of years we ran the village entry to the Surrey Best Kept Village Competition on behalf of the Parish Council with great success.  Take a look at the plaques on the wall of the White Hart Barn!
  • The Society participated in the successful campaign against the use of a field next to the A22 for Motocross events which were proving a major nuisance and source of pollution for local residents.
  • For the millennium, with the help of a generous sponsor, the Society arranged a reprint of Arthur Andrew’s delightful little book ‘Godstone in 1900’ and the following year we arranged and funded the copying and laminating of the large collection of photographs of Godstone in past times. These are now in the care of a member of the Committee and can be made available for exhibitions and displays.