Godstone Village Association History


  • Started under the name of Godstone Village Appraisal Project [GVAP]
  • Started in July 2001 with a village wide meeting
  • There followed a series of open meetings throughout the autumn of 2001
  • January 2002 saw the beginnings of a questionnaire
  • In March 2002 the questionnaire was tested on willing volunteers
  • April 7th–21st 2002 nearly 1200 households were visited twice or sometimes three or even more times
  • By early summer it was clear that a splendid 72% return had been achieved.
  • This was the largest democratic act held in Godstone and our feelings then, as now, are that villager’s views should not be dismissed lightly.

Action Plan

  • September 24th 2002 was the launch night for Appraisal results.
  • Each area was discussed and recommendations made
  • Project Groups formed to work on six different aspects of village life and they determined the questions to be asked.
    • Crime and Neighbourhood Watch
    • Traffic and Parking
    • Health and other services
    • Communication
    • Environment
    • Consultation with South Godstone and Blindley Heath
  • Copies of the report were distributed to every household by willing volunteers. This document was an honest reflection of village views and a statistical success for those with that kind of mind. It was well received by residents, councils and all those that took the time to read it.
  • Awareness/fundraising events were held to finance the Project. All have been fun, all have been financially successful and all have been jolly hard work for those organising.
  • A mailing list of over 100 names has been established – of these some 65% receive regular information by e-mail.
  • Success is difficult to gauge when GVAP is working with so many statutory bodies that cannot give a straight answer to a straight question.
  • A second mini questionnaire was distributed in June 2003 to establish more information about specific traffic, parking and health issues
  • As time marched on with no apparent “big hit” interest waned towards the autumn of 2003.
  • A new booklet entitled “One Year On” was published in September 2003. In addition to sharing progress with residents this booklet provided relevant information about a raft of village organisations. Each group reported on activities for the previous year – some had made great progress while others had been held back by outside forces or had faltered through lack of support.
  • Following the Forum in November 2003 it was decided to abandon separate Project groups and concentrate efforts through the Steering Group made up of the willing Project Leaders.
  • Communication is the key to any project such as this and to this end the Steering Group has decided to report to the village at each Forum meeting and hold at least four awareness events each year.