Redhill Garden Community

As part of the Tandridge District Council’s draft Local Plan, they are proposing that a ‘new garden community’ is built somewhere in the district. Although they have previously favoured South Godstone or Blindley Heath for a ‘new urban settlement’ (despite claiming in the Local Plan: Issues and Approaches document that no decisions had been made) Tandridge District Council now suggests that it is considering one of five locations.

Although the other three locations would require Tandridge District Council to work with other district councils which the leader of the council, Martin Fisher, repeatedly says is “difficult”, there is one clear and obvious location for a new garden community at Redhill Aerodrome. The owners of the aerodrome have been saying for some time that it is not viable as a business without a hard runway (which they cannot get permission for) and that means that inevitably, the land will be sold off for an alternative use. A new garden community would ensure that development on the site is controlled and that what emerges brings benefits to the community and surrounding area.

There are some challenges in bringing forward such a scheme, but a scheme has been put forwards by a consortium led by Thakeham. The scheme would bring many benefits to the area and none of the disadvantages that a new scheme would bring in either South Godstone or Blindley Heath – neither of which have the infrastructure, the employment possibilities, the transport possibilities, the educational possibilities, or indeed, any benefit to the local community at all.

There is a website with more information about the proposed scheme at or you can email for more information at ku.oc1503502656.ytin1503502656ummoc1503502656nedra1503502656gllih1503502656der@o1503502656fni1503502656. Information is also available by telephone on 0800 148 8911 (freephone) or by post ‘Freepost, MPC Consultation’.

You can download the Vision Statement for the Redhill Garden Community scheme here.