Sites Consultation

The Sites Consultation which forms part of the Tandridge District Council Local Plan closes in just 15 days time. The document, (which can be downloaded here), lists every site that Tandridge District Council have kept in for consideration, including those that it has subsequently ruled out, (but reserves the right to re-visit if it deems it necessary).

Part of that document, and crucial to the Parish of Godstone, is Section 8, the proposal to develop a ‘new extended settlement’ of at least 2,000 homes in Blindley Heath and/or South Godstone. This level of development will change the face of the parish forever and is most unwelcome by the majority of residents.

It is widely acknowledged that some development is needed to support the community. Some ‘starter housing’ is needed to help younger people get onto the property ladder, some retirement housing is needed for the elder members of our community, maybe even some family housing, (although this is less pressing because the older members of our community will downsize out of family housing into retirement housing). However, Godstone’s needs for housing are not served by a ‘new extended settlement’.

The situation is now urgent. Please, if you have any view at all on whether either South Godstone or Blindley Heath should be the recipient of a ‘new extended settlement’ of at least 2,000 houses, submit a comment to Tandridge District Council. More can be found on the Tandridge Local Plan and the way to submit comment here.