Tandridge Local Plan Consultation

There has been much talk, numerous leaflets, and several local meetings about the Tandridge District Council Local Plan. The Local Plan is where the council sets out what its policy will be for planning over the next 20 years. The Local Plan covers many aspects of life in the district including infrastructure, health, economy and tourism, retail and leisure, climate change, the environment, flood, heritage and, of course, housing.

The Local Plan will always be controversial. More housing is inevitably going to be needed over the next 20 years, but there are big questions to be answered about how much and where it should be built. Infrastructure, (such as schools, Doctors and other local amenities), must be taken into consideration as well as things like roads, traffic, air quality and many others. Tandridge District Council has published its draft of the Local Plan and it is out for consultation until the 26th February 2016. Anyone can comment on it – and we encourage everyone to do so – and can have their say. The draft of the Local Plan can be found here.

It is really important to note that every submission is treated as one vote. What that means is that a submission by Godstone Village Association or Godstone Parish Council, carries exactly the same weight as an individual response. It is just one vote.

The draft Local Plan is complicated and consists of over 3000 pages contained in 72 different references in appendices to the main document. The GVA has recognised that it is a near impossible task to read, absorb and understand all of these documents and has prepared a response to the plan which is being submitted. In order to help anyone who would like to respond to the consultation – and we strongly recommend that everyone responds – the GVA Response is published here and can also be downloaded. If you feel unable to respond via the Tandridge District Council consultation portal, please write!

You can write to the Chief Planning Officer at this address:

To the Chief Planning Officer, Planning Policy
Tandridge District Council
Council Offices
8 Station Road

The Tandridge Local Plan is so important to our community and will shape the way that our village develops over the next 20 years. Now is the time to have your say!